Collection: Footwear

Quality Discount Riding Boots at Affordable Prices

If you find quality riding gear at a reasonable price, wouldn’t you take advantage of that opportunity? A great many riders already have at Equestrian Closeouts.

We carry a broad selection of discount riding boots so you can easily find a pair in your size that you like and will match your riding style and fashion sense. We’ve got short boots, tall boots, competition boots, and boots that will look great kicking around the barn or walking through downtown.

Comfort and Quality

Once you’ve chosen the right boots for you, then you may decide you need a pair or two of socks to match. You’re in luck; our footwear inventory includes a wide range of fashionable and functional socks which form a perfect complement to our high-quality, low-price boots.

Our discount riding boots will give you the comfort and support you need to ride with confidence while looking good at the same time.

Contact us for the inexpensive riding boots that you need. We proudly serve horse owners and riders across the United States and beyond.