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Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup

Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup

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Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup

Flex-On Green Composite Iron are technically advanced stirrup irons with a lightweight, impact absorbing design that uses environmentally sustainable materials. Flex-On Irons help riders achieve proper foot placement and stability with an inclined ultra grip footbed that delivers outstanding traction. The elastomers below the footbed absorb shock to reduce stress and joint fatigue. The ultra contemporary look plus top quality make the Green Composite Stirrup from Flex-On a smart addition to your equestrian gear.

  • Organically sourced polyamide
  • Internal steel frame
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Offset slot for stirrup leather
  • Size 4.75"

The Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup delivers excellent stability that helps keep your lower leg solid. The inclined ultra grip foot pad has steel crimped pins set in ridged molded thermoplastic. This enables the rider to keep heels down and a firm grip in the irons. Flex-On stirrup has an offset slot for the stirrup leather. Lightweight iron for jumping and flat work weighs just 13 ounces, even with the internal steel frame for strength. The Flex-On Green Composite Stirrup is available in size 4.75 inches to suit most adult riders.


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