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Bed Stu

Bed Stu Keeper*

Bed Stu Keeper*

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- The materials are natural, biodegradable, sustainable and recycled where possible.

- Leathers and linings are vegetable tanned, free from heavy metals such as lead and chrome, free range where possible.

- Dyes are from plants and/or soils, water based, and applied by hand.

- Glues are water based, solvent free and used sparingly.

- Products are finished by hand, and are made up of primarily organic components such as latex cushioned insoles, rubber for soles, vegetable tanned leather, cork (from trees), biodegradable supports and water based glues and dyes.

Organic leather is initially not as soft and supple as the commonly used chrome tanned version. BED|STU Organics products will require some break in time. Once broken in, the user can expect to enjoy the quality and customized fit that will last over time. BED|STU Organics leathers can be shined, treated and nourished with creams and brought back to a natural luster that is not attainable in most other footwear.

- Organic leather, because it is natural, needs a bit of time to blend or mold with your foot, creating that custom “glove-like” fit. The dynamics of this intricate process takes a bit of time and varies depending on the style, the anatomy of the user’s foot, and the time of each wear. Most users experience this unique custom fit within their first 2-3 wears.

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