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Horse Hoof Protection Helps Prevent Injuries

If you find after a ride that your horse has been clipping its front foot heels with its hind feet, it might be time to consider horse hoof protection. The injuries caused can result in open wounds and bruising that make your horse uncomfortable during schooling. Often the damage is caused by over-extension and unbalanced movement. While conditioning and training can sometimes alleviate these concerns, equine protective hoof boots are an excellent solution.

These Boots Were Made for Riding

Often called bell boots, horse hoof protection now comes in various sizes, styles, and materials. From rubber to leather to fabric, horse boots are at the forefront of innovative equine gear. Whether you are working a pony or a draft, you’re sure to find the right boot for your purposes. If you’re concerned about the size of the hoof, look for boots that come with an adjustable buckle or Velcro fastener.

Check Sizing & Buy with Confidence

You will also want to ensure that the boot doesn’t ride up when the horse flexes its pastern during movement. As the fetlock drops lower, the boot may touch the ground and cause more problems than it solves. Always double-check the boot measurements before ordering to make sure the boots will fit as they should.
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